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PO Box 26353, Epsom
Auckland, 1344
10c Maurice Road, Penrose
Auckland, 1061
Ph: 09 525 1875
Fax: 09 525 1874
Contact: Gavin Bell
Products & Services
Data Systems, Monitoring, Meters & Instrumentation - Biogas Concentrations, Biomonitoring Systems, Chart Recorders, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Data Acquisition/Storage/Logging, Data Transmission/Telemetry, Digital Gauges, Environmental Monitoring Equip., Gas Detection, Laser/Radar/Ultrasonic Level Instruments, Level Measurement, Moisture Meters, On Line Monitoring/Instrumentation, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters/Switches, Flowmeters, Weirs & Gauges: Air/Gas, Bubblers, Flowmeters (Area Velocity), Gas Detection, Magnetic, Open Channel (Weirs/Flumes), Open Channel Flow Meters, Pitot Tube, Submerged Pressure Probe, Transducers (Depth Measurement), Turbine, Vortex, Weirs/Flumes, On-Line Monitoring: Ammonia, BOD/TOC, etc, Chlorine, Colour, Conductivity, Dissolved Organics, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrate, Ozone, pH, Phosphate, Redox/ORP, Sludge Density, Suspended Solids, Temperature, Turbidity/Suspended Solids, UV Absorption (of Liquids), UVT, Plant Condition Monitoring Systems Vibration Monitoring, Portable Test Equipment: Handheld Test Meters, Health & Safety - Gas Detection, Monitoring Equipment: Environmental, Monitoring UV Light, Laboratory Supply Houses - Chemical Solutions/Standards, Comparators, Field Kits, Water Quality Test Strips, Lab Equipment: BOD/COD Equipment, Centrifuges, Ovens/Incubators, Stills, Temperature Measurement/Equipment, Water Baths/Temp Controllers, Lab Instruments: Colorimeters/Spectrophotometers, Conductivity Meters/Cells, Density/Concentration, Dissolved Oxygen Meters/Probes, Ion Electrodes, pH Measurements, Photometers/Spectro photometers, Portable Multi-Probe Analysers, Rheology/Viscosity, Titration, Turbidimeters, UV/Vis Spectrometry, Plant Equipment - Chlorine Leak Detection, Digester Gas Equipment, Level-Radar, Environmental Sampling Water Sampling, Pumps - Diaphragm, Metering, Swimming Pools - Dosing Pumps, pH/Chlorine Monitoring/Dosing
Brands & Agencies
ADCON - Telemetry Systems, AQUALABO - General Water Equipment, BAMO - Measures, DATALINK INSTRUMENTS - Wet-chemistry Process Analysers, DIVER (SCHLUMBERGER) - Water Level, HYDROLAB - Multiparameter Water Quality, KIMESSA - Gas Monitors, KNICK - Electrochemical Instrumentation Signal Condioning, OPTEK - Optical Techniques, Water Quality, OTT - Water Level, POL EKO - Laboratory Appliances, SENSOREX - Sensors pH/ORP/Disinfection, TINTOMETER/LOVIBOND - Test Kits & BOD, WATERSAM - Water Sampler

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