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PO Box 76-278, Manukau City
Auckland, 2241
74 McLaughlins Rd, Manukau
Auckland, 2104
Ph: 09 916 0094
Fax: 09 916 0095
Contact: Mike Stapleton (Industrial Sales)

Christchurch:39 Enterprise Ave, Waterloo Business Park
Ph: 03 348 1293
Fax: 03 348 1297
Products & Services
Data Systems, Monitoring, Meters & Instrumentation - Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Domestic Water Meters, Pressure Gauges, Water Meters, Flowmeters, Weirs & Gauges: Batching Meters, Electromagnetic, Inferential, Magnetic, Positive Displacement Water Meters, Turbine, Ultrasonic (Time-of-Flight), Water Meters, Groundwater - Ultrasonic Level Instruments, Landscaping - Irrigation Management, Water Features, Pipes, Hoses & Fittings etc. - Backing Rings, Ball Valves, Flanges, Gaskets/Packing, Hose Clamps/Clips, Irrigation Drip Pipelines, Irrigation Fittings, Meter Boxes, Pipe Clamps/Sleeves/Saddles, Pipe Couplings/Joints, Pipe Fittings, Pipeline Strainers, Pipes/Fittings: Irrigation: Polyethylene, Tapping Saddles, Valves, Hose Assembly: Metallic/Rubber Expansion Joints, PVC, Hose Fittings: HoseClamps/Clips, Polyethylene Tubing, Tube Fittings, Pipes & Tubes: Water Supply: Compression Fittings, Fittings/Valves, Gibaults, PVC/PE Pressure Fittings, Saddles, Pipes: Wastewater & Stormwater: Fittings/Valves, Plant Equipment - Actuators, Aeration, Aerators, Filtration Equipment, Inlet Screens, Level-Control, Level-Measurement, Level-Sensors, Pond Aerators (Floating), Ultrasonic Level Instruments, Ultrasonic/Pressure Level Sensors, Water Filters/Strainers, Water Meter Reading/Customer Billing Systems, Filter Media: Activated Carbon, Anthracite/Coal, Iron Manganese Removal, Sand, Sand/Gravels, Products - Ultrasonic/Pressure Level Sensors, Services - Control Valve, Sundry Equipment & Materials - Irrigation Equipment, Irrigation Plastic Pipes/Fittings Manufacturer, Irrigation Systems,Treatment Plant - Irrigation/Disposal of Treated Effluent, Reverse Osmosis, Water Filtering Equipment, Filters: Backflushing, Disc Filters, Effluent, Pressure Sand, Sand Filters, Valves/Flow Control - Actuators, Automatic Flow Control Valves, Backflow Prevention Devices, Ball Check Valves, DCV & RPZ Backflow Devices, Flow Control Valves, Irrigation Equipment, Leakage Reduction, Pressure Control, Pressure Limiting Valves, Strainers Water, Temperature/Pressure Relief Valves, Water Meter Manifolds, Valves/Regulators: Air Relief/Vent, Air Valves, Automatic Backwash, Backflow, Ball, Butterfly, Check/Non-return, Control, Diaphragm, Float, Gate, Gearboxes, Isolating, Knife Gate, Meter Chambers, Meters/Air Valves, Plastic, Pressure Relief/Safety, Reducing, Regulating, Resilient Seat Valves, Solenoid, Surge Control
Brands & Agencies
AMIAD - Filtration & Water Treatment, AMIAD - Proportional Chemical & Fertiliser Injector Pumps, ANTELCO - Irrigation Fittings & Equipment, APOLLO-CONBRACO - Backflow Prevention Devices, ARAD - Domestic, Ultrasonic and apartment meters. as well as smart meters and meter data acquasition, ARAG - Commercial Filters, ARI - Air Release Valves & Control Valves, ARKAL - Filtration & Water Treatment, ARMADA TECHNOLOGIES - Cable & Wire Tracking Equipment, B.I.L. - Water Meters, BACCARA - Solenoid Valves & Controllers, BAUER - Large Bore Hose Fittings, DOROT - Control & Air Release Valves, DURA - Fittings & Valve Boxes, FIMCO - Effluent Indexing Valves, GALCON - Irrigation Controllers, HUNTER - Irrigation Equipment, IRRITEC - Irrigation Fittings & Equipment, IRROMETER - Soil Moisture Measuring Systems, KLEENSCREEN - Self Cleaning Intake Screens, KOMET - Sprinklers & Guns, KROHNE - Electro-Magnetic Flow Meters, MAZZEI - Venturi Chemical &Fertilizer Injectors, METZERPLAS - Drip Tubing Water & Effluent, NELSON IRRIGATION - Irrigation Fittings Sprinklers & Guns, ODIS - Hydro-cyclones, ORBIT IRRIGATION - Irrigation Fittings & Equipment, PHILMAC - Irrigation Fittings & Valves, PLASTRO - Irrigantion Equipment & Drip Tube, PROCESS SYSTEMS - Solenoids & Control Valves, RIVULIS - Irrigation Equipment, ROLLAND - Irrigation Sprinklers, SEAMETRICS - Electro-Magnetic & Insertion Flow Metering, SENNINGER - Irrigation & Effluent Sprinklers, SIME SPRINKLER - Sprinklers & Guns, SITE LAB - Ultrasonic Flow Metering, SURE-FLO - Self Cleaning Intake Screens, TALBOT - Pushlok Fittings Manifolds & Meter Boxes, TAVLIT - Irrigation Fittings & Equipment, TEFEN - P.E. Tubing & Small Bore Fittings, YAMIT - Hydrocyclones