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PO Box 35 618, Browns Bay
Auckland, 0753
9 Tawa Drive, Albany
Auckland, 0632
Ph: 09 415 8687
Contact: Gillian LeProu (Office Administrator)
Company Profile
Xylem have the local technical skills and experience to support our customers in the supply and servicing across our brand range. Our team of Sales Engineers, Service Technicians, Application Engineers, Product Managers, Design Engineers and Project Managers located in New Zealand and across Oceania have many years of experience in the Water Industry and are a valuable technical resource to our customer base
Through our signature citizenship program, Xylem Watermark, we bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools and communities in emerging markets, and respond with water solutions when disaster strikes around the globe.
Products & Services
Analytical Laboratories - Biosolids Analysis, Chemistry, Environmental, Giardia/Cryptosporidium Testing, IANZ Accredited, Sampling/Monitoring, Trade Waste/Effluent Analysis, Water Analyses, Chemistry: General Water/Microbiological, General Water/Sewage, Legionella/Total Bacteria, Microbiological, Data Systems, Monitoring, Meters & Instrumentation - Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Computer Modelling, Data Acquisition/Reporting, Domestic Water Meters, Electrical Switchgear/Panels, Field Data Capture, Flow/Level Control, Information Systems, Instrument Servicing/Repair, Level Control, Level Measurement, Level Sensors, Level/Flow Instrumentation, Liquid Analysis/Instruments, Suspended Solids, Turbidity Monitors, Wastewater Monitoring Services, Water Meters, Wireless Data, Fixed/Mobile, Private/Public, Flowmeters, Weirs & Gauges: Batching Meters, Electromagnetic, Magnetic Flowmeters,Water Meters, Education - Formal Training, On-Site Training, Electrical - HMI, Level Control, Motor Control, Pumping Control Systems, Variable Speed Drives, Groundwater - Site Dewatering, Manufacturing - Fibreglass Packaged Pump Stations, Inground Boxes: Meters/Valves, Pump Manufacturers, Water Purification Systems, Ozone Treatment - Ozone Generators, Water Softeners/Neutralising, Plant Equipment - Aeration, Aeration/Blowers, Aerators/Agitators, Aerators/Stirrers, Blowers, Dissolved Air Flotation, Leak Detection, Leak Detection Equipment: Gas/Liquid, Mixers, Pond Aerators (Floating), Pond Mixer, Pump Service, Pumping Stations (Water/Sewage), Pumps, UV Disinfection Equipment, Filter Media: Activated Carbon, Biofilter Media, Pumps - Axial Flow, Booster,Bore, Borehole Deep Well Dewatering, Building Services, Centrifugal, Circulating, Effluent Pumps, Effluent Pumps/Stirrers, End-Suction Pumps, Flood Pumps - Portable/Fixed, Food Grade/Sanitary Pumps, Grinder/Macerating, High Pressure, High Viscosity, Industrial, Irrigation, Jet, Lobe Pumps, Magnetic Drive, Magnetic Drive/Seal-less, Metering, Metering/Dosing/Injectors, Mining, Mixed Flow, Multistage, Peristaltic, Piston, Portable, Positive Displacement, Pressure Sewer Grinder, Process, Process Water Treatment, Rotary Lobe, Sea Water Pumps, Self Priming, Submersible, Suction, Sump, Turbine, Vacuum, Vertical, Vertical Multistage, Very High Pressure, Vortex, Water/Waste Water Controls, Water/Waste Water Pumps, Wet/Dry Well Raw Sewage Pumps, Services - AMR, Commissioning
Brands & Agencies
BELL & GOSSETT - Pumps, EMNET - Decision Intelligence Platform, FLYGT - Waste Water Pumps, GODWIN - Dewatering Pumps, GOULDS - Pumps, LEOPOLD - Filtration, LOWARA - Clean Water Pump, PURE - Leak Detection, SANITAIRE - Biological Treatment, SENSUS - Smart Metering, VISENTI - Decision Intelligence Platform, WEDECO - UV Disinfection, WTW - Analytics, YSI - Analytics