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PO Box 10157, Te Rapa
Hamilton, 3241
21 Kahu Crescent, Te Rapa
Hamilton, 3200
Ph: +64 7 849 2366
Company Profile
We are building a business focussed on helping contractors and consultants deliver successful outcomes through providing support and advice at design, through execution and in project review. We provide high-quality products to support drilling and constructions applications from the world best manufacturers.
We provide to all aspects of drilling and construction including trenchless/HDD, waterwell, mineral exploration, geotechnical, geothermal and oilfield.
Products & Services
Contractors - Civil Construction, Civil Drainage, Directional Drilling/Boring, Gas/Power Fibre Optic Cabling, HD Drilling, Micro Tunnelling, No Dig Pipe Installation, No Dig Pipeline Rehabilitation, Piling, Pipe Bursting, Rock Drilling to Grade, Rock Saw Trenching, Slip Lining, Trenchless Installation of Pipelines, Trenchless Rehabilitation of Pipeline, Tunnelling/Microtunnelling, Utility Construction/Trenching, Government & Local Authorities - Water Supply Wastewater/Stormwater Services, Groundwater - Bentonite/Drilling Muds, Screens/Casings, Pipes, Hoses & Fittings etc. - Pipes: Wastewater & Stormwater: Casing Spacers