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PO Box 201128
Auckland Airport, 2018
6/F Percival Gull Place, Mangere
Auckland, 2022
Ph: 09 815 9500
Contact: Paul Casey (Managing Director)
Company Profile
Company Profile : Today, ACO in New Zealand offers an extensive portfolio of stormwater, building drainage, electrical pit and ducting, access covers and other products for niche applications, both external and internal. These include polymer concrete Polycrete ® grated trench drainage, stormwater pits, electrical and communication pits, cabling pits, utility ducting, steel, cast iron and plastic access covers, multipart access systems, light oil and grease separators and geocellular stormwater management products, industrial and hygienic stainless steel drainage and pipe systems, stainless steel bathroom and balcony drainage and cast iron roof and floor drains.

Products & Services
Education - Continuing Professional Development, Groundwater - Stormwater Waste Management, Landscaping - Parks/Sports Fields: Channel Systems, Pipes, Hoses & Fittings etc. - Access Covers, Access Shafts/Covers, Ductile Iron Access Covers, Fibreglass Access Covers, Fibreglass Manhole Covers, Grates/Drains, Manholes/Covers/Rungs, PE Detention Tanks, Sumps/Catchpits, Surface Drainage Systems, Plant Equipment - Screens: Bar/Mesh/Grating/Wedgewire, Stormwater - Cast/Ductile/Composite Streetware, Cast Iron Streetware, Slot Drains, Sundry Equipment & Materials - Grating, Stormwater Detention/Retention Products, Telecommunications Pits & Ducts, Waste Management - Grease Traps, Oil Separation Equipment
Brands & Agencies
ACO ACCESS - Access Manhole Covers, ACO CABLEMATE - Cable Pits & Ducting, ACO DRAIN - Modular Grated Trench Drain, ACO INFRASTRUCTURE - Trench Drainage For Infrastructure, ACO SPORT - Sports Drainage Channels, ACO STAINLESS - Stainless Building Drainage Systems

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