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PO Box 33 226, Petone
21 Regent Street, Petone
Hutt City
Ph: 04 568 5293, 0800 433326 (0800 4 DEECO)
Fax: 04 568 5273, 0800 333267 (0800 DEECOS)
Contact: Marcus Durrant (General Manager)
Company Profile
Company Profile : Founded in 1938 with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Marlborough/Nelson and Christchurch, Deeco remains true today to its original philosophies of technical support to solve client problems. This family owned business combines the best from tradition, extensive experience and modern management to effectively market an exclusive range of world recognised leading products. These include Arkal and Amiad water and wastewater filters, Bermad hydraulic flow and pressure management control systems and pipeline protection anti surge vacuum and air release valves, Bilfinger Johnson & Hendrick - Wedge Wire and bar screens, Sensus water meters, Sensus data transfer and automatic meter reading devices, Zurn Wilkins backflow preventers and pressure regulators.

Products & Services Profile
Product Profile : Deeco Services Ltd is a private New Zealand owned company formed over 80 years ago. Specialising in filtration and flow control products, Deeco have extensive expertise in their specialist fields of control valving, backflow prevention, water meters and automatic meter reading systems, Wedge Wire Intake Well and dewatering screening, particle removal filtration for both potable and waste water supplies. In addition to exclusive importation and distribution of long established brands, Deeco provide the industry with technical design and supply, field commissioning, distribution network surveys and equipment maintenance programmes. These services are carried out by trained and experienced employees working from Deeco's Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Marlborough/Nelson and Christchurch regional offices.

Products & Services
Consulting Engineers - Pressure Management, Data Systems, Monitoring, Meters & Instrumentation - Domestic Water Meters, Flow/Level Control, Flowmeters, Weirs & Gauges: Batching Meters, Magnetic, Positive Displacement, Propeller, Turbine, Ultrasonic (Doppler), Water Meters, Groundwater - Screens/Casings, Site Dewatering, Manufacturing - Inground Boxes: Meters/Valves, Water Connection Manifolds, Pipes, Hoses & Fittings etc. - Irrigation Drip Pipelines, Irrigation Fittings, Meter Boxes, Pipes/Fittings: Irrigation: Polyethylene, Valves, Pipes & Tubes: Water Supply: Fittings/Valves, Polyethylene, Support: Solutions, Plant Equipment - Filtration Equipment, Inlet Screens, Intake/Outfall Structures/Screens, Irrigation, Leak Detection, Screens: Bar/Mesh/Grating/Wedgewire, Water Meter Reading/Customer Billing Systems, Filter Media: Sand, Services - Backflow Inspection/Consulting/IQP, Backflow Installation/Testing, Control Valve, Sundry Equipment & Materials - Effluent Filters, Irrigation Disposal of Treated Effluent, Irrigation Equipment, Irrigation Systems, Consumables: Irrigation Equipment, Treatment Plant - Filter Nozzles, Wastewater Filtering Equipment, Water Filtering Equipment, Filters: Backflushing, Cartridge, Effluent, Microfiltration, Pressure Sand, Sand Filters, Wedgewire, Valves/Flow Control - Automatic Flow Control Valves, Backflow Prevention Devices, Flow Control Valves, Irrigation Equipment, Strainers Water/Steam, Taps/Stopcocks, Valves/Regulators: Acid/Corrosion Resistant, Air Relief/Vent, Air Valves, Angle, Anti Water Hammer Check Valves, Automatic Backwash, Bypass, Check/Non-return, Control, Diaphragm, Float, Globe, Meters/Air Valves, Piston, Pressure Relief/Safety, Relief/Safety, Solenoid, Surge Control
Brands & Agencies
ARKAL & AMIAD FILTRATION TECHNOLOGIES - Water Filtration, BERMAD CONTROL VALVES - Auto Diaphragm Control Valves, EUROMAG - Magflo & Sonic Meters, HENDRICK & JOHNSON SCREEN - Wedge Wire Screens, NAAN DAN JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS, SENSUS METERING SYSTEMS - Water Meters & Auto Meter Reading, VENTOMAT/UNI/BERMAD/CSA/ARI - Air & Gas Release & Vacuum Breakers, WILKINS - Backflow Prevention Valves & Pressure Regulators

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